The Team

Martin Cates Inc.

The Hansen’s have engaged Martin Cates Inc. as the manager of the building. Martin’s charge is to facilitate necessary on-site overview of the building for the purpose of prompt attention and seeking like-minded tenants wanting to be part of the charm and community of The Wadsworth Building.

Martin Cates Inc. brings over 30 years of real estate and process management knowledge to assist tenants with well written leases, clarity of landlord and tenant responsibilities, and the understanding of an owner who is concerned for the quality of place and community.

Cold Mountain Builders

In selecting Cold Mountain Builders, the Hansen’s continue a working relationship with the area’s most notable and knowledgeable building and renovation contractor. Owner Jay Fischer has brought years of experience and expert advice to this project with professionals well qualified in all facets of construction. Cold Mountain Builder’s trademark and signature will remain here for years to come and is one of the prime reasons The Wadsworth Building will be well known as the place to be for great food and quality professional suites.

Christopher Glass Architects

All great projects have the benefit of an architectural influence. The Wadsworth Building is no exception. Chris Glass is a noted and well known architect throughout Maine. Chris has a long history of work in historic preservation projects, knowing how to work with the building history and today’s regulatory climate. From the systems and infrastructure, to the final façade project, Chris has input all that is positive for The Wadsworth Building’s success.